Power of the Side Hustle

I’ve never been without one. Not all of them have been extremely lucrative. But I think I benefit from having no time to shop.  My last one was as a hostess at a trendy restaurant in town.  It paid more in experience than it did in money but it did serve the purpose I wanted it to.  See the problem with having disposable income after being broke for an extended amount of time (at least for me) is that you feel the need to spend it on things that are both worth it and on things that aren’t.  What I wanted to do once I started working was go back to the usual routine of weekend brunches, daily Starbucks runs, happy hour venting sessions and all the other things that drain your wallet as soon as that direct deposit hits.  What I really needed to do however, was sit my ass at home, enjoy the bottle of wine I bought at the grocery store over a home cooked meal while I catch up on the latest gossip/venting session via passive aggressive, thinly veiled posts on Facebook and Instagram.  But I couldn’t do this if I had free time.  All I wanted to do was go out and SPEND.  Old habits die hard.

Enter the side hustle; in this case, the hosting job.  It paid $8.50/hr and meant that I spent 6-8 hours running up and down stairs seating guests on both floors of  the restaurant.  The menus had wood panelings and weighed about a two pounds each and of course I couldn’t hand them to the guests until I took them to their seats.   So if a party of eight requested a table upstairs (which actually happened quite often) I would legit have a workout session accommodating them.  A lot of times they also brought their kids and requested high chairs which were of course made of  wood and stored downstairs. Just delightful!!  

By the time I got off my shift I had neither the energy nor the temperament to be sociable so I just went home and went to bed.  Depressing, I know.  But you know what happened?  Having that little  extra income and not being able to spend it on dumb shit because of exhaustion allowed me to pay $2200 a month to Sallie Mae.  I started in August and worked until about mid April.  What a miserable but important experience it was.  It nearly killed me too. But that’s a different story for another post.

Anyway I think my point here is that what’s needed to accomplish a big financial goal is discipline.  Some people are able to make the mind over matter thing work. Me I need physical barriers to restrain myself lol.  Whichever way you do it, the point is to sustain that discipline for at least the time you are working on accomplishing your goal if not longer.  You should go for longer.


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