Recent Developments

I’ve been MIA lately.  I’ve had a lot on my plate.  For starters, I’ve gone back to school for my MBA while still holding onto my full time job.  Learning to juggle the two and still be able to have a life was quite the task.

Second, as part of breaking the cycle of debt currently throwing my plans off track, I have gone back to working part time.  This time however, I’m doing it in a smarter way than last time.  My search for a side job had three criteria. 1.) It must not be labor intensive. 2) It must allow me to do other things besides the work at hand (i.e. keep up with my blog) 3.) It must pay well.  Do I sound delusional?  I guess not because that’s pretty much what I got.  Enter the part time concierge position at a building downtown.  I sit pretty at the front desk and after about two hours of filing and inventory work, I get to work on my homework assignments, research topics that are  of interest to me and blog the evening away.  I greet guests as they come in every few hours and continue on about my business.  I’m also content with the pay.  No, my current situation is not ideal as I do have to cut into my free time by getting a part time gig but that’s what I get for going berserk after I had been on the straight and narrow for so long.  And you know what else? Being occupied with a weekend job leaves no room for impulse shopping, random expensive outings or overindulgence of any other kind!

I have also decided to stop hosting international students to supplement my income and started looking for the more reliable yet slightly less lucrative sublease option.  While it has been an enriching experience and I learned a great deal, unforeseen circumstances such as the students not being able to secure a visa for entry into the U.S. have reduced the flow of students participating in the program to a small trickle.  While having a roommate would not pay as highly as hosting, it does fare better from a money standpoint in the long run because of its consistency.  At least I won’t have a roommate cancel her stay because she’s denied entry lol.  The plan is to get a six month lease with someone and then revisit the topic of hosting students.  I hear that its better during the summer months.  My experience also confirms this.

Just dealing with the consequences of my relapse. I’m still on track with all of my goals and hope to be where I once was in a few short months.


One thought on “Recent Developments

  1. The Blogmother says:

    I once worked a retail part time job. no good. i spent all day on my feet pretending to care about what people were buying and suppressing the urge to say something was ugly or a bad financial decision because i got commission. you’re probably thinking: “well duh”. that’s why i should have gotten something cushy like that. i ended up leaving for a multitude of reasons, but even if those weren’t in place, it was cutting into a lot of my time. there certainly wasn’t any opportunity for homework there!

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