The Best laid plans… 

…go awry when they’re actually put into action. That’s pretty much what happened to my debt repayment schedule. Didn’t it sound so simple when I stated it a few months back? I take a look at it now and want to burst into a maniacal laughter…HAHAHAHAHAH!

It’s not all bad. I have made progress in many other areas and learned a great deal about what I need to do to reach my ultimate goal of financial independence. Here are the the major financial/life lessons I learned in the winter.

-At a certain point, part time jobs stop becoming the optimal sources of side income. And that point is when you realize that the money you’re making is not nearly worth the amount of time/effort you’re putting into the work.  I’ll talk more about this in a separate blog. Still fuming about some of the things I dealt with.

-Don’t wait for your ducks to get in a row. If you have ducks, just grab them and run. I wasted so much time trying to create a successive plan and stick to it when what I needed to do was to just have a big picture idea and dive into my project. You’ll never be prepared for some of the stuff you face so stop wasting your time trying to prepare for everything you’ll face.

-If you spend money on a sale, you didn’t save money, you still spent money. It doesn’t matter how deep of a discount you’re getting. If you bought it and you don’t need it, its a waste of money. The end.

-If you, like me, have the bad habit of rewarding yourself with something expensive every time you do something right cut that shit out. It will make you broke. Reward yourself with something free and equally delightful, like an extra hour of sleep or something. I still can’t think of too many free things that would feel like a reward but I’m going to have to…

I’ll talk in more detail about these lessons I learned over the next few posts.




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