Side Hustle Fiasco

Maybe I’m growing out of the age range where giving up my free time working at a part time job is a good investment. Maybe my tolerance for bs in the name of a paycheck is dwindling faster than I thought. But either way, this will be the last hourly part time job I will work ever.

While I believe that I have excellent customer service skills, there are just some disrespectful customers I will not tolerate. The customer is not always right. Sometimes they’re entitled assholes that need to be told no. Β But I can’t complain too much about them because they only expect the service they have been given by the company. And I’m the one who sought out this position and put myself in front of them. But after a few encounters with entitled, self absorbed jerks, I was done. That and my long extended weekend shift where I’m still not sure that labor laws weren’t violated.

It all started on a Wednesday before a snowstorm. The news had been filled with how this storm was going to be a big one and shut down everything. I received an email from the lead concierge, an incompetent fool who’s just happy to be in a suit and tie, stating that while the 30+ inches of snow accumulation was going to shut the city down, I would still have to make it to work and that I will be provided with hotel accommodations if I cannot drive back home. Apparently the residents of the building had requested concierge service despite the crippling snowstorm and he was too up in the chain of command to do the job. Anyway, I had a few payments on some credit cards I was planning to use this paycheck for so I agreed to come in to cover the shifts I normally work. Snowzilla was every bit the ginormous storm system it was promised to be and by the time my shift was over, I was stranded. Not just stranded I can’t make it home type of stranded. I couldn’t leave the building to make it to the hotel stranded. On top of that, the person who was scheduled to cover the shift after me was stranded at home (lucky bastard). So guess what happened? I worked two 16 hour shifts sleeping on an air mattress in between.

I had it easy. They made my coworker, a single mother with no babysitter for her 3 year old daughter come in to work, walking a mile from the dingy hotel they put her in to the building in over two feet of snow. She had no choice because she’s trying to make ends meet and needs to work here to supplement her income from a full time job. I on the other hand do not. Β This was just not worth all the trouble so I quit. I literally walked out at the end of my shift and did not return. I gave 24 hour notice and made sure the following shift was covered but I could not deal with the bs any longer.

This experience wasn’t a total loss. I did pay off two credit cards with this income and learned a very important lesson. Β The difference between a hustler and a business person.



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