Month 1 Of Unemployment

The unemployed life…I gotta say, its been pretty great thus far. My last day at work was Friday December 30. I walked out of my job feeling relieved and liberated. I had a grin on me the whole day :D. It was the right thing to do. The weekend after my resignation was filled with New Years celebrations. I hosted friends from out of town, went out to brunches, dinners, happy hours and parties. And for what seemed like the first time in a very long time, I felt free. I spent New Year’s eve slightly inebriated and dancing to great music at a well organized event. This was the first year I didn’t go out to a club for NYE. That too was the right decision. I did not freeze my ass outside waiting in line, did not pay an absurd amount of money for bottle service, did not struggle to find an Uber at the end of the night and did not have to deal with random unpleasant men who interrupt my fun to harass me. My total expense for NYE was less than $150, which is essentially unheard of for D.C. For that amount, I was able to have access to two amazing djs in two different halls, drinks and the precious NYE luxury that is personal space. Β My friends and I had the foresight to buy some food for when we come stumbling home and that was also a very good decision. In short, I had a BLAST!!New Years came to pass this way and everyone went back to their homes and hometowns happy.

On January 3, I had my first full day of unemployment. Β  For the first week or so, I vegged out and just sat at home. I caught up with all of my Netflix shows, read a few books and prepared for a school trip I would be taking the next week to China.

During January 9-19 I was in Shanghai and Hong Kong for a class trip, A nice break from the Netflix binge. Β I put my negotiation skills to work and did some bargain souvenir shopping. I got beautiful pashmina scarves for my friends and some leather goods for myself. It was good for my soul. I spent the weekend of the 19th recovering from the jet lag and prepared for the next week.

Week of January 23-27- First productive week on this side of the world. I started class, paid over $7000 towards my credit card debt as I had planned to do, applied to a few “work from home” side hustles and declined an employment offer from an organization that was low balling me. As a result of having my sleep cycle messed up, I also now wake up at 4am. But I decided to make lemonade. I now go to the gym when it opens at 5am and get in an early morning workout, which is the best way to start the day. Β When I was at my old job, I was so demotivated that I wouldn’t even be willing to get out of bed at 8am. Now, a combination of a messed up body clock and optimism has me springing out of bed before the sun rises. I can’t believe how much that job was affecting me. I also scored a phone interview for a language consulting gig I applied for earlier that week and got the job. WFH side hustle is a go!

Today I start a certification course to become a financial planner. I introduced myself to the class and did some lead generation for my real estate business. It worked! One of my class mates responded with interest in doing business with me. Needless to say, I’m super excited for February. I’ll be sharing my future goals and a more measurable update of my progress in the next post.


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