Reality Check

So, there I was interviewing for the position I have dreamed of ever since finding out that you can actually help people through finance. They can tell I really like being here. I literally enjoyed talking to the whole slew of financial advisers that came out to interview me. Their passion for the field, the family vibe and collegiate atmosphere is pretty much the stuff career dreams are made of. I fell so deeply in love with the future I could have there that I forgot to stop and think, “What’s the catch?”

Welp, I had a nice long chat with the firm’s general counsel. He’s actually very personable. He even had the whole “dad” vibe going which I appreciated since it mitigated the impact of the things he had to tell me. He comes in and does me the favor of knocking me back to reality. Apparently there are many restrictions for working in the financial advising profession. FINRA has all the characteristics of a jealous, possessive lover. You can’t do real estate, you can’t have a side hustle, you can’t make money in any other way that might come into conflict with the time and effort you put towards building your career in the industry. Oh and further more, while all the other avenues that you could earn an income are all shut off, you will also be making a less than ideal salary. ย Have fun living like Oliver Twist for the foreseeable future!!

At a certain point during this reality check I had a flashback to one of my father’s sermons. Luke chapter 14 verse 26-27. Jesus says to the crowd โ€œIf anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sistersโ€”yes, even his own lifeโ€”he cannot be My disciple. 27And whoever does not carry his cross andย follow Me cannot be My disciple. ” Really bro? FINRA demands more from you than the son of God himself!

Side bar, I wonder if my dad knew I was paying attention to his sermons as I sat in the front row with my eyes glazed over daydreaming about being anywhere but church. Even I didn’t know I was…Osmosis?

I was so sold on the idea of starting over and doing this again I didn’t even mind taking a 40% salary cut to get the opportunity to learn from people who seem to know so much about the field and everything I want to do. But I can’t even mitigate my brokeness by starting up a side hustle?

So why am I still interested in this? They’re literally telling me I will have to give up everything for a “potentially” rewarding career (Keyword potentially, albeit a potential I think could be realized) and I’m here grinning and ย nodding in agreement like I’m not going to be lining up for hot soup sometime soon. Tell me, why am I still excited at that idea of being a part of this?? At least this whole revelation did not come after the fact. I really do appreciate the warning ahead of time. I always appreciate people who tell me the hard facts. But the decision just got so much harder.

So far, its looking like I’m heading down the straight and narrow smh. I must be a glutton for punishment.


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